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Annual Giving

What is Annual Giving? Annual Giving is by far the most important fundraising effort at Down Syndrome Academy, and gifts at any level demonstrate our community’s commitment to our school’s mission. Each year, we ask you to support our school’s academic and learning environment by making a tax-deductible contribution. Donations provide the supplemental resources needed for the full support of our students and their educational development.

Why is Annual Giving necessary in addition to tuition? Like many schools, tuition covers only a portion of our basic operating budget, which includes teacher salaries, rent, utilities, and school maintenance. In a 2016 project by Boston Consulting Group, we learned that tuition only covers 68% of expenses required to run the organization. As such, we ask all families to be directly involved in Annual Giving. Your contributions directly impact the program and allow us to provide the best environment possible for our students. The entirety of the Down Syndrome Academy experience is made possible by this crucial giving.

How much should I give? Giving is highly personal, and we encourage every family to consider an amount that is meaningful to them. We value and appreciate every commitment to Annual Giving. During the year, we offer numerous opportunities to raise money for the program. You just need to sign up. If it makes more sense for your budget, you may join any number of fundraisers as your contribution to Annual Giving. These events are a great way to get to know fellow students and to give back at the same time.

What is the Royal Court? The Royal Court recognizes families who contribute $1,500 during the Annual Giving Campaign period from September through March. A meaningful number of donations at this level are crucial for the overall success of the organization. This group of leaders makes a significant difference in the life of Down Syndrome Academy. Court members will be recognized in March at the Cinderella Ball.

How and when can I give? Pledges and gifts to the Campaign can be made September to March of the following year. A pledge is a promise to give that can be paid later; payments are due by March 31st. We accept cash, check, credit card, appreciated securities. Online giving is available for a one-time gift or gifts on a payment schedule. Many employers offer matching programs that could double or triple your gift; we encourage you to check with your company’s Human Resources Department.

Can I pay monthly to support Annual Giving? Yes, we can help set you up on a monthly giving plan. Please contact Karen Evans for details.

The case for 100% participation. Family participation is a key metric when receiving support from outside organizations. Because each student is an important part of the community, our goal is for every family to make a gift every year. There is strength in numbers – many gifts add up to a large sum each year, and every gift makes a difference no matter the amount. The cumulative effect of consistently high participation propels us even further and speaks to our shared commitment.

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