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Marathon: Run for a Reason

The Chevron Houston Marathon is January 19th, 2020. We’d love for you to run for Houston-area teens and adults with Down syndrome. Why? Texas is 50th out of all 50 states in spending on individuals with developmental disabilities. And, in Texas, the wait time to receive benefits is about 14 years (compared with 47 months, nationally).

Why run as a HERO (marathoners who Run for a Reason)? It may be hard to believe, but Friends of Down Syndrome is one of a handful of institutions in the United States that offers a well-rounded curriculum for adults with Down syndrome. When you join our Team, you will have a direct impact on our groundbreaking program, focused on the whole student: academics, wellness, fitness, social skills, speech and vocational training.

To boot, Friends of Down Syndrome deliberately keeps tuition affordable for a broad range of Houstonians. To pay for such a rigorous program, fundraising and advocating for the Down syndrome community have become a big part of our organizational culture. So, we hope you’ll join us as we take to the streets in support of Houston’s teens and adults with Down syndrome.

To join the Friends of Down Syndrome Team, contact Melissa Marteeny at

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