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Making WAVES at Friends of Down Syndrome: What We Do

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Down syndrome community in Houston. At Friends of Down Syndrome, we are doing everything we can to support teens and adults with Down syndrome. We call it Making WAVES!

Wellness. It is rare that organizations like ours address student wellness. Our dedicated teachers create an environment that fosters, physical fitness and nutrition. When students feel well, they can learn.

Academics. Perhaps it is even more unique that adults with Down syndrome have an opportunity to continue their education beyond high school. Our Down Syndrome Academy teaches six levels of classes in Reading, Math, Science, Library Skills and Social Skills.

Vocational Training. We are giving students the skills and confidence to join the broader community. We offer in-school and off-campus opportunities in vocational training. Local businesses are reaching out to us to provide them with employees.

Educating Our Stakeholders. As leaders in our field, we carry the responsibility of educating the wider community and our key stakeholders. Our Building Blocks program offers regular talks and meetings on topics that are relevant to our community.

Social Engagement. What’s life without fun. Our T21 Social Club coordinators run monthly themed parties and dances for teens and adults. These events are open to the broader Houston community.

Welcome to the Friends of Down Syndrome Community! Whether you’re a student, parent, volunteer, corporate funder or just someone who cares, we hope you’ll spend some time with us, learning how you can participate. Don’t hesitate to be in touch. 

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